Meetings Industry Calls for Support Measures in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

COVID-19: Resources for AIPC Members

In cooperation with other industry organizations, AIPC has agreed to consolidate COVID-19 related resources on a single site at

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The emergence of a new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted meetings, events and exhibitions world-wide. In order to address the resulting impacts, manage responses and share experiences the industry has come together with an unprecedented effort to share all available information and strategies.

Joint Meetings Industry Council President Kai Hattendorf has called upon all industry members to actively support measures that help restore and build confidence in event participation including:

  • Ensuring that all policies and procedures within the industry’s spheres of influence that help secure the health and safety of event participants are in place and up to date.
  • Maintaining detailed awareness of both local and global actions and restrictions in order to be able to advise on factors that may affect upcoming events.
  • Cooperating with local / national authorities to implement any measures that have been determined to potentially impact event attendees.
  • Consulting with event organizers and related service providers to explore ways in which any program adjustments that need to be made in response to outbreak-related impacts can be accommodated, and
  • Continuing to support awareness of the essential roles of meetings, conventions, exhibitions and business events as drivers of recovery and advancement of global economic and societal development.

“By making this commitment to doing everything in our collective power to support the continuing role of meetings, conventions and exhibitions in global affairs and encourage governments and constituents everywhere to recognize just how important ongoing interactions are to addressing not just to focus on immediate challenges but the many more issues that can only be advanced by maintaining relevant gatherings”.

Through an understanding to share all relevant resources amongst industry organizations links are being made available to relevant materials as listed below. This list will grow as more resources become available.

Read the JMIC Press Release here.